31 January, 2011

Al-Ruwais Housing Complex

Al-Ruwais is a town located some 240km western region(al gharbia) of Abu Dhabi.The housing complex has it developed by ADNOC (Adhabi national oil company). It has its market, school, banks, masjid –everything you name it.

Hubby and I have been trying to maintain some kind of exercise regimen every saturday down here in Al Ruwais housing complex park. Our favourite place to walk is the 2km stretch of sidewalk that circles …The walk is enjoyable enough except I now have a real appreciation for the many benches placed along the path so the elderly people can plop down and catch their breath at least once a trip. The other day, after we made the circle, hubby and I must have sat on a bench for the better part of an hour talking or eating/drinking perhaps.

   Trees and plants are surrounding the resident’s area   
So this is what it has come to, I thought to myself, I’m actually enjoying sitting on a park bench or even on the full- grown grass and letting the time pass by. Unfortunately, we then rushed home to watch football match between Japan n australia.

 Children’s entertain themselves at the large playground park.

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